“Give Me a Break” – Joe Biden Leans Forward, Pushes Back on Reporter in Creepy Voice (VIDEO)


Joe Biden spoke to reporters on Sunday following meetings with G7 leaders this weekend.

Biden went off script and started mumbling nonsense about Trump and global warming.

At one point UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson had to step in and correct Joe Biden after Sleepy Joe interrupted the Prime Minister to welcome the President of South Africa.

Biden’s battery was running low and he looked and sounded exhausted at the end while reporters were shouting questions.

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At one point Biden leaned forward and answered a question about sanctions in a creepy voice: “120 days. Give me a break – need time”

According to the corporate media, Joe Biden’s disastrous performance at the G7 summit was a success.


Sounds like a horror movie intro. @ComfortablySmug

— I Might Be Donna (@Crypsis12) June 13, 2021

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