WOW! Boris Johnson Forced to Stop and Correct Joe Biden After He Already Introduced President of South Africa (VIDEO)


By Jim Hoft

Published June 13, 2021 at 10:30am

During a sitdown meeting this weekend at the G7 in Great Britain, UK leader Boris Johnson had to step in and correct Joe Biden after Sleepy Joe interrupted the Prime Minister to welcome the President of South Africa.

Boris Johnson: And welcome to those who just joined us… President Ramaphosa (South Africa), President Moon (South Korea)…

Joe Biden: And the President of South Africa.

Boris Johnson: And the President of South Africa as, as, as I said.

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Joe Biden: Oh, you did?

Boris Johnson: I certainly did.

Room: Laughter

That won’t make any headlines in the fake news media.

Boris Johnson insists to Joe Biden that he already introduced the president of South Africa to a G7 meeting.

Read the latest from the G7 here:

— Sky News (@SkyNews) June 13, 2021

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