GREEN BERET JEREMY BROWN Calls On Those US Patriots Who Were Asked to Spy on Oath Keepers by the FBI and Deep State to Step Forward and Speak Out


By Jim Hoft

Published June 19, 2021 at 5:35am

Via Kellye Sorelle, Attorney for The Oath Keepers organization.

On Thursday The Gateway Pundit spoke with Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes and top Oath Keeper “Chip” on the ongoing persecution of the organization by the deep state FBI.

During the interview, we discussed an October 2020 incident where the FBI attempted to recruit Oath Keepers member Jeremy Brown, a US Army Special Forces combat veteran.  The FBI offered to pay Jeremy to inform on his brother Oath Keepers.  To his credit, Jeremy not only refused, he recorded their attempt to recruit him and he published the recording online.

NOW WE HAVE PROOF: FBI and DHS Attempted to Recruit Green Beret to Infiltrate Oath Keepers Before Jan. 6 Riot — AND HE RECORDED IT

TRENDING: EXPLOSIVE DEVELOPMENT: Election Worker Ralph Jones Is Now Caught Double-Counting Ballots at the State Farm Center on Election Night!

It is clear the FBI has attempted to recruit other veterans and use them to snitch on and set up their patriotic brothers and sisters. 

Jeremy Brown came up with a great idea this week – we need others to step forward to blow the whistle on FBI attempts to recruit them.

This will help expose the politicized targeting of Trump supporters, conservatives, and libertarians.

**  If you have been approached by the FBI in an attempt to recruit you, blow the whistle by sending an email to patriot lawyer Kellye SoRelle (Founder of the Green Dragon Institute and Oath Keepers General Counsel).

Send it to [email protected]

** To join Oath Keepers (and make a commie cry!) go to and follow the instructions on how to mail in your application (necessary because of leftist deplatforming).

** Full membership is open to all current and former military, police, fire, EMS, search and rescue or other first responders. However even if not prior service, you can join as an associate. We are all in this together.

To support the Oath Keepers critical mission, please go to

Thank you.

Kellye Sorell

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