Nigel Farage Weighs in on Joe Biden’s G7 Performance: “He Spent Most of the Conference Grinning Inanely…  I’m Not Sure He Even Knew He Was in the UK” (Video)

nigel-farage-weighs-in-on-joe-biden’s-g7-performance:-“he-spent-most-of-the-conference-grinning-inanely… -i’m-not-sure-he-even-knew-he-was-in-the-uk”-(video)

By Jim Hoft

Published June 21, 2021 at 6:50pm

Nigel Farage joined Greg Kelly on Monday night to discuss Boris Johnson and Joe Biden’s pathetic displays at the G7 meetings in the UK last week.

Farage went off on Johnson who he said is like a chameleon, “He can change his colors to suit any circumstance, any weather… Boris was elected as a conservative and he’s now governing as a Green.”

Then the Brexit Leader went after Joe Biden, “By the way, Greg, I got to tell you.  Biden made no impression on the UK at all.  He spent most of the conference grinning inanely…  I’m not sure he even knew he was in the UK.”

So true.

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