Juneteenth Mob Twerks on Ambulance as it Tries to Move Through Crowd to Reach Injured and Dying Oakland Shooting Victims


By Jim Hoft

Published June 22, 2021 at 11:23am

A Juneteenth mob blocked an ambulance trying to reach shooting victims in Oakland, California this past weekend.

Several women started twerking on the ambulance hood as others took video.

The Daily Mail reported:

Multiple women were seen twerking on the top of an ambulance in Lake Merritt in Oakland, California on Saturday night, as paramedics attempted to make their way through to the scene of a shooting in which one person was killed and at least seven others were wounded.

The ambulance was stopped in its tracks by the crowd which was said to be around 1,000-strong as people gathered to celebrate Juneteenth after it was declared a federal holiday.

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As the ambulance arrived at the scene, the revelers continued to party, with no apparent regard for the seriousness of the situation that just occurred nearby.

When the ambulance could go no further, at least five women began twerking at the side while another pair jumped on the hood of the emergency vehicle.

At least one person was also spotted on top of the roof at one point.

If I get shot please don’t twerk on my ambulance thanks 🙏

— howie (@HowieHowfungi) June 20, 2021

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