Ridiculous Looking Horror Movie About Racist White Woman Named ‘Karen’ is Being Brutally Dragged By Just About Everyone


A trailer for a new horror movie called “Karen” is being universally mocked by just about everyone.

The movie is about a racist white woman named… you guessed it… Karen.

The title character is played by Taryn Manning of Orange is the New Black.

‘Jordan Peele’ trends worldwide as people react to the trailer for the upcoming thriller ‘KAREN’, comparing it to Peele’s hit ‘GET OUT’.

— Cinema Solace (@SolaceCinema) June 22, 2021

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People from all across the political spectrum mocked the preview, during which “Karen” asks her new black neighbors to keep their trash cans off the curb, threatens to speak with a restaurant manager about black diners for making too much noise and calls the police on teenagers in a park.

A big shocking reveal comes when the trailer shows a Confederate flag soap dispenser — the horror!

The cops are also supposed to be racists, telling a black character to “shut your mouth, boy” in an ultra dramatic tone.

“Bad things happen to people that don’t comply,” Manning says at the end of the trailer.

Many mocked the film for ripping off the popular Get Out, but with a plot that nears parody. So many people chimed in that Get Out director’s name, Jordan Peele, was trending on Twitter.

Others thought it might be a Saturday Night Live sketch.

I definitely thought this Karen movie was an SNL skit. But then it went on for so long 🤭 and it’s a real movie (?!) 🤭

— Aline Mello (@thealinemello) June 22, 2021

Others pointed out that Karen is a racist term to bash white women.

Oh great, an openly racist thriller movie.

You all DO realize this is racist against white people, right?

You don’t want stereotyping… that’s exactly what this is doing.

No more complaining, y’all are starting a war.


— FiREfaiRY1441 (@RustiGirl1441) June 22, 2021

We are approaching real equality now racist flick like Karen are ok as long as they stereotype white people

— Jay Devin (@JayDevin7) June 22, 2021

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