Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s Election Fraud Unit Makes Arrest Related to Multiple Counts of Election Fraud


By Jim Hoft

Published June 28, 2021 at 9:51am

Texas is still Red – they still prosecute the criminals.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced this past weekend that there are still 500 election fraud cases that still need to be heard in court.

This comes as Governor Greg Abbott promised a new election integrity bill in the state as well as bail reform.

OAN reported:

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Texas Attorney Gen. Ken Paxton has announced that more than 500 election fraud cases are currently waiting to be heard in court. Over the weekend, Paxton relayed on Twitter that his team will prosecute every instance of voter fraud.

This comes after he shared information about a woman being arrested for multiple counts of election fraud in a 2018 local election. Monica Mendez was convicted on seven counts of illegal voting, eight counts of unlawfully assisting a voter, eight counts of unlawful possession of ballots and eight counts of election fraud.

In response to the case, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) said his team plans to pursue laws for more secure elections.

Thanks, @GregAbbott_TX! We will prosecute voter fraud every time we find it. Currently our office has over 500 cases waiting to be heard in court. Voter fraud is real. Texans deserve to know their vote is legally and securely counted. #ElectionIntegrity #Fraud

— Attorney General Ken Paxton (@KenPaxtonTX) June 26, 2021

Paxton has been a staunch defender of election integrity.

And last week Attorney General Ken Paxton announced that the election fraud unit made an arrest related to multiple counts of election fraud.

Via the Texas Attorney General’s Office:

The Election Fraud Unit arrested and booked Monica Mendez into the Victoria County Jail on June 23, 2021, after a Victoria County Grand Jury returned an indictment against her on multiple counts of election fraud: 7 counts of Illegal Voting (a 2nd Degree Felony), 8 counts of Unlawfully Assisting Voter Voting Ballot by Mail (a 3rd Degree Felony), 8 counts of Unlawful Possession of Ballot (a State Jail Felony), and 8 counts of Election Fraud (a State Jail Felony).

The Texas Secretary of State referred the case to the Office of the Attorney General after allegations of illegal voting and other election code violations arose out of the 2018 Bloomington Water District Election.

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