Weak Kevin McCarthy Threatens to Remove Liz Cheney and Republicans from Committee Assignments for Joining Pelosi’s Jan. 6 Witch Hunt


By Jim Hoft

Published July 5, 2021 at 7:49pm

Last week Nancy Pelosi appointed Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, and six other rabid Trump haters, including Adam Schiff to run her latest witch hunt on the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill riots.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said he was “shocked” RINO Trump hater Liz Cheney joined Pelosi’s January 6 select committee. This is despite the fact that Liz Cheney has done everything possible to ruin Trump and attack his voters since the November 3rd elections.

In fact, not only did Cheney vote to impeach President Trump but she “secretly orchestrated” an op-ed in the Washington Post from all living former secretaries of defense slamming Trump’s handling of the military in January

According to reports, Minority leader McCarthy threatened to remove Republicans from their assignments if they move forward and join in on Pelosi’s latest witch hunt to destroy Donald Trump and lie to the American people about the true nature of the rioting on Jan. 6.

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NEW in @PunchbowlNews this AM:@GOPLeader told a group of House Republicans Wednesday that if they accept @SpeakerPelosi’s nomination to the Jan. 6 select committee, they can expect to get all their committee assignments from her.


— Jake Sherman (@JakeSherman) July 1, 2021

Via Pro-Trump News and Conservative Brief:

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is fighting back against Republicans who may join Democrats’ latest witch hunt.

Punchbowl News reported that McCarthy will reportedly strip any Republican member of committee assignments if they serve on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 committee.

“During a closed-door meeting with freshman House Republicans, McCarthy said: If they do, ‘they better be ready to get all their committee assignments from her,” the outlet reported.

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