Biden AGAIN Has to Refer to His Notes When Asked About Latest Ransomware Attack on Hundreds of US Companies (VIDEO)


Joe Biden on Tuesday answered a few questions from reporters after delivering remarks on Covid vaccination.

A reporter asked Joe Biden about the latest ransomware attack on hundreds of US companies.

Hackers are now demanding $70 million in Bitcoin to unfreeze computers in their latest ransomware attack on hundreds of US companies.

A ransomware attack paralyzed networks of more than 200 US companies on Friday.

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Hackers targeted software supplier Kaseya and penetrated cloud-service providers by going through its network management system.

The media is blaming the Russians for the Kaseya hack.

Clueless Biden had to refer to his notes AGAIN to answer the question.

Biden said of the $70 million ransomware attack, “It appears to have caused minimal damage to US businesses.”


President Biden says the $70 million ransomware attack by Russia-linked hackers “appears to have caused minimal damage” to U.S. businesses, but he will have “more to say about this” in the coming days

“I feel good about our ability to be able to respond”

— CBS News (@CBSNews) July 6, 2021

Recall, Joe Biden had to pull out his notes over the weekend when asked about the ransomware attack.

Biden told reporters over the weekend he wasn’t certain the Russians were behind the latest hack – but he threatened Vladimir Putin anyway.

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