Handbag Heist: Thieves Rob Neiman Marcus in Broad Daylight in Democrat Hellhole of San Francisco (VIDEO)


San Francisco – Ten people robbed a Neiman Marcus in Union Square early Monday evening around 6 PM as organized retail crime spikes thanks to Marxist DA Chesa Boudin’s policies.

According to the man who took the video, the thieves ran into Neiman Marcus and emerged with several high-end handbags.

KGO-TV reported sales associates had to hurry customers to the the back in order to keep them safe from smashed glass from the handbag display cases.

The thieves ran out of the store with the stolen handbags and quickly took off in getaway cars.

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Exclusive: Video of Neiman Marcus getting robbed by 10 ppl this evening in San Francisco! San Francisco is lawlessness personified! Thank you Chesa Boudin and mayor and our supervisors who all love and support these dumb and dangerous policies implemented by the DA!

— Asian Crime Report (@activeasian) July 6, 2021

Photos of the broken display cases:

Exclusive pics of the robbery! Thx to my follower who was inside the store shopping at the time!

— Asian Crime Report (@activeasian) July 6, 2021

This robbery comes after Target announced it would be closing 6 of its San Francisco stores early because of organized retail crime.

Marxist San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin made it clear that prosecuting shoplifters is low on his priority list and his ‘no arrest’ policy is destroying brick and mortar businesses.

Thieves can pretty much ‘legally’ walk out of a retail store with up to $950 in merchandise without paying and get away with it because of Democrat policies.

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