No More Head Fakes.  It’s Time for the People of Wisconsin to Demand a Real Forensic Audit of the 2020 Ballots in their State

no-more-head-fakes. -it’s-time-for-the-people-of-wisconsin-to-demand-a-real-forensic-audit-of-the-2020-ballots-in-their-state

By Joe Hoft

Published July 6, 2021 at 8:35am

Only the people of Wisconsin can stop the madness.  They must raise their voices high.  The current group of politicians will not forensically audit the results in the state, yet this is the only way to determine the valid results from the 2020 Election.

In November, a couple of days from the election, the Republican House Speaker in Wisconsin ordered a committee to look into fraudulent votes in the election a few days prior.  Nothing happened as a result.  It was a head fake.

Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos Directs Committee to Review Statewide Election Amid Concerns Over Massive Midnight Ballot Dump For Joe Biden

In December the Republican Speaker of Wisconsin’s House set up a public hearing to discuss the results of the 2020 Election in Wisconsin.  Tens of thousands of ballots (140,000) dropped for Biden in the morning of November 4th.  There was no legitimate explanation for this but the state certified the election anyways.

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This hearing from the Republican speaker meant nothing.  Nothing happened as a result and the state certified the election for Biden with these unexplained votes included.  With these Biden was given the state by 20,000 votes. 

Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Vos: Republicans Will Convene Public Hearing on ‘Numerous Concerns’ Regarding 2020 Election on December 11

Then in March, the Wisconsin Assembly ordered an audit of the results in Wisconsin – to be performed by the state auditors.  But this will never catch the fraud.  To get to the fraud you have to perform a forensic audit of all the votes.

JUST IN: Republican-Controlled Wisconsin Assembly Authorizes Investigation of 2020 Presidential Election

Then Speaker Vos announced he’s hiring three retired cops to look into the 2020 Election.  They too will never address the fraud.  To get to the fraud you have to perform a forensic audit of all the votes.

Skunk Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos Hires Three Retired Cops to Look at Election Integrity?… But Won’t Launch Forensic Audit Despite Late Night Ballot Dump

President Trump knows how to get to the results in Wisconsin as do the many people from Wisconsin who read TGP.  To get to the fraud you have to perform a forensic audit of all the votes.

President Trump Blasts Crooked Wisconsin RINOs Robin Vos, Chris Kapenga and Devin LeMahieu for Preventing Forensic Audit in State

We warned the state about the fact that only a forensic audit would address invalid audits included in the election.

What Are Corrupt Republican RINOs in Wisconsin Like Robin Vos Going to Do If Arizona Patriots Prove the 2020 Election Was Stolen?

Then the Speaker announced he was going to hire a former Supreme Court Justice in the state to oversee the bogus work created to date in the state.  To get to the fraud you have to perform a forensic audit of all the votes.

Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos Does Another Head Fake – Why Won’t He Order a Forensic Audit of Ballots in the Badger State?

Here’s why the audit of the election should be a forensic audit of the ballots recorded in the election.  This is because ballots are valuable like money and must be audited like you would money.

IMPORTANT FACT: Money and Ballots Are Valuable, That’s Why You Ensure Every Penny and Every Ballot Is Valid When Auditing These Precious Items

No more head games.  It’s time for the people of Wisconsin to demand a real audit in their state.

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