New York Crowd Cheers For Man In Trump Hat After Attack From Leftists


A deranged liberal tried to steal the MAGA hat off of the head of a Trump supporter in Yankee Stadium.

Her attempt failed — and the crowd cheered for the Trump supporter.

Both her and her male companion were kicked out of the stadium.

From Bizpacreview:

Several viral videos from Jewish Deplorable on Twitter show the incident taking place. After the fan took off his hat to keep it from being snatched again, other fans started yelling at him “Trump 2024!” and “Put it back on!” Which he eventually did and the crowd roared its approval.

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The videographers appeared to be friends and were definitely on Team Trump. One was wearing a Mets jersey and the other was wearing a Yankees jersey. Both were smiling and laughing as they urged the MAGA hat wearer to put his hat back on.

Here is the video:

A deranged lib tried stealing my friend’s MAGA hat at a baseball game in Yankee Stadium (NYC)

Here’s what happened next:

— Jewish Deplorable (@TrumpJew2) July 8, 2021

Here are two more angles:

Here’s some of the attack caught on camera (they got kicked out for stealing the hat)

— Jewish Deplorable (@TrumpJew2) July 8, 2021

The man wearing the MAGA hat, Hunter Blum responded afterward on Twitter:

Thanks everyone for the moral support , it’s especially necessary during this period where we’re inundated with the narrative that trump isn’t well liked.

Stand strong and don’t be shy about expressing your political beliefs

— Hunter (@HunterBlum8) July 9, 2021

This comes as “Trump Won” signs have popped up in MLB stadiums all across the country.

San Diego Padres game:

‘TRUMP WON’- Visits Major League Baseball Again – This Time at San Diego Padres Game

Miami Marlins game:

It’s Spreading: “Trump Won” Banner Unfurled at Miami Marlins Baseball Game

Boston Red Sox game:

IT’S SPREADING: “Trump Won” Banner Unfurled at Boston Red Sox Game – Fan Escorted From Fenway Park by Security (VIDEO)

New York Mets game:

GLORIOUS! Another Huge “TRUMP WON” Banner – This Time at Citi Field at Saturday Night’s Mets Game – Even NEW YORK is Waking Up to TRUMP WON

New York Yankees game:

GLORIOUS! Huge “TRUMP WON” Banner Lowered in Yankee Stadium at Thursday Night’s Game

Trump has supporters in even deep blue states.

Biden can barely draw a crowd in deep blue states.

Yet we are supposed to believe he got over 80 million votes?

What do you think?

Written by Newsman

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