Social Security Commissioner Andrew Saul Refuses to Leave After Biden Fired Him Friday – Believes Biden Has No Right to Fire Him


By Joe Hoft

Published July 10, 2021 at 8:00am

The Biden Administration fired the commissioner of the Social Security Administration, however, the commissioner believes Biden cannot fire him believing his term expires in 2025.

Mediaite reports:

President Joe Biden fired Andrew Saul, the commissioner of the Social Security Administration on Friday after Saul rebuffed a White House request to resign. Saul is disputing that Biden can fire him, pointing to the fact that his term expires in 2025.

“I consider myself the term-protected Commissioner of Social Security,” Saul told The Washington Post. He said he intends to sign into work on Monday as usual. His deputy was also fired.

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Saul was nominated to the position by Donald Trump in 2019 and was confirmed by the Senate by a vote of 77 to 16. His appointment drew some criticism at the time because Saul had served on the board of the Manhattan Institute, a conservative think tank that has argued in favor of cuts to Social Security benefits.

The White House argues it has the power to fire Saul, citing recent Supreme Court cases. Last year in a 5-4 decision, the court made it easier for the president to remove the head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This June, the court ruled that the president has the power to remove the head of the Federal Housing Finance Agency. Biden replaced the Trump-appointed head of the department that day.

The Daily Mail reports:

Saul, a Trump-era holdover, was accused of mismanaging the delivery of COVID stimulus payments and union bashing.

He was asked to resign his post but was fired when he refused, according to a White House official.

However, Saul, 74, told the Washington Post that he would report for work on Monday morning by logging on remotely from his New York home.

‘I consider myself the term-protected commissioner of Social Security,’ he said, added that an email asking for his resignation was the first of the administration’s plans for him.

The reasons to remove Saul were weak.  Saul has every right to challenge the workings of government unions and what agency did a good job of handing out COVID payments?

We’ll see if Saul is welcomed into the Social Security Office on Monday or not.

What do you think?

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