More Individuals and Counties are Calling for a Forensic Audit in Wisconsin


By Joe Hoft

Published September 2, 2021 at 7:15am

More and more counties, groups, and individuals are pushing for a forensic audit in Wisconsin.  The pressure is on the Speaker of the House, Robin Vos, to finally do something and get a real audit in the works.

We’ve reported repeatedly how the Wisconsin Speaker of the House is reluctant to have a full forensic audit performed in Wisconsin like the one performed in Arizona.  Recently Vos said he would move forward with a forensic audit but he still seems reluctant.

HUGE DEVELOPMENT: Wisconsin House Speaker Robin Vos Calls for “CYBER FORENSIC AUDIT” of Wisconsin’s 2020 Presidential Election Results

Since August 6th, groups in Wisconsin decided to work together to move forward to get a forensic audit in Wisconsin.  GOP politicians are holding this up (including Vos).

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It’s time for Wisconsin to demand an audit be performed of the 2020 Election.

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