Teen Charged with Murder After Gunning Down 70-Year-Old Grandmother Outside Deli in Chicago (VIDEO)


A beloved grandmother was gunned down while she was sitting in her car outside of the deli she worked at part time.

70-year-old Yvonne Ruzich was sitting in her car at 4:25 am on August 16 waiting for her boss to open the deli she worked at in the 13300 block of South Baltimore in Hegewisch when two ‘teens’ opened fire on her.

Surveillance video shows Ruzich talking to her stepson in the car next to her when the gunmen approached her and began shooting at her.

Ruzich drove off but lost control and hit a street sign.

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The gunmen ran over to her and shot her 5 more times.

Police believe it was a botched carjacking.


Police finally identified the 17-year-old shooter this week and charged him with one felony count of first degree murder.


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