Hawaii to Roll Out Vaccine Passports at Restaurants, Bars, and Gyms


By Jim Hoft

Published September 6, 2021 at 7:12pm

The state of Hawaii is set to roll out COVID vaccine passport in order to get into gyms, bars, restaurants, and other businesses. It is expected to start today, Labor Day. The city of Oahu is expected to start the vaccine passport program called “Safe Access Oahu” on September 13th.

A big protest in Waikiki erupted against this tyranny.

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The mayor of County of Kaua’i put up an emergency rule to fine those who are not compliant from $250 to $500.

One follower of TGP shared her concern with us saying this will lead to obligatory vaccination laws.

Hawai’i needs some coverage. New York and California have been trying to push the vaccine passport and it hasn’t been that successful but now the Hawaiian islands are about to do vaccine passports. My husband and I just packed everything we owned and bailed in less than 2 weeks because they can control the narrative to Hawaii. The hospitals aren’t full like they are saying to push these passports. If they do the passports no one without a vaccine will be able to leave. They will be locked down and not allowed to shop at stores and feed their families. Our other mayor also stated the other week that if they don’t see results they want in 60 days it will become mandatory for EVERYONE to get vaccinated. Which we all took to mean they going door to door and forcing everyone. The numbers of protesters is rising and now becoming a problem for the government there so now Kawakami issued a new order for no gatherings or you’ll be fined, while giving liquor control officers and park security officers the ability to fine everyone.Please get the word out about Hawai’i.

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