Joe Biden’s Plan for Forced Vaccinations for American Workers Does Not Include Illegal Aliens


By Jim Hoft

Published September 9, 2021 at 11:06pm

Joe Biden announced forced vaccinations for millions of American workers on Thursday from his perch in the White House. The new rules apply to American workers but not illegal aliens.

At some point, Americans may wake up and see that these people in power are at war with them.

They really don’t like you.

Here’s one solution–

So revoke your citizenship, go cross the Mexican border illegally, and you won’t have to comply with vaccine mandates and you’ll get free everything.

Good plan. 🙄

— Jenna Ellis (@JennaEllisEsq) September 10, 2021

TRENDING: Biden Regime Drops Iron Fist on Private Sector: Will Require Vaccines or Weekly Covid Testing – Employers That Don’t Comply will Face “Substantial Fines”

FOX News reported:

President Biden announced a sweeping plan that could force millions of unvaccinated Americans to get the COVID-19 shot but left out mandating the vaccine for illegal immigrants crossing the border.

Biden announced Thursday that all employers with more than 100 employees will be forced to either require their employees get vaccinated against COVID-19 or mandate weekly testing for the virus.

The president also announced that the remaining 17 million healthcare workers employed in facilities that receive federal Medicare or Medicaid also will have to be fully vaccinated. Together, the two groups represent about 100 million Americans.

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