College Football Fans Chant “F*ck Joe Biden!” In Between Plays on 9/11 (VIDEO)


Warning: *Harsh language in every video*

It’s a movement.

It all started last week when Trump supporters at the Virginia Tech game started chanting “F*ck Joe Biden!”

Since last week, the anti-Biden chants have spread to more games, bars and even concerts.

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The Alabama student section chanted “f*ck Joe Biden!” in between plays on Saturday.

The Alabama student section is chanting “F*** Joe Biden” in between plays.

— Aaron Suttles (@AaronSuttles) September 11, 2021

Students chanted “F*ck Joe Biden!” during the Auburn/Alabama game.


FUCK JOE BIDEN! The best new tradition! @OldrowAuburn

— Old Row (@OldRowViral) September 11, 2021

Fans attending the Tennessee-Pittsburgh game chanted “F*ck Joe Biden!”


Fuck Joe Biden from @OldRowVols!

— Old Row (@OldRowViral) September 11, 2021

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