Pelosi Brags to UK’s Boris Johnson About Her Father – Forgets to Mention He Was Investigated for Connections to the Mob


By Joe Hoft

Published September 22, 2021 at 5:44pm

Speaker Nancy Pelosi reportedly shared with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson that her father was in the US Capitol when Winston Churchill made his speech at the beginning of World War II.  Pelosi neglected to tell Johnson that her father was investigated for connections to the mob.

Yesterday UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited the Capitol and spoke with the most sinister Speaker in US history, Nancy Pelosi.

When Johnson arrived for their meeting, Pelosi showed him a photo from Winston Churchill’s 1941 speech to Congress.

Pelosi’s father Thomas D’Alesandro was a member of Congress at the time, representing Maryland, and was present at the speech.

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The speaker showed Johnson where her dad was in the photo.

‘You’re kidding me,’ Johnson said, leaning in to look at the photo closer as he grasped Pelosi’s hand. ‘That’s incredible.’

Churchill made his remarks on December 26, 1941, a few weeks after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. The then-British prime minister was in Washington D.C. to meet with President Franklin Roosevelt and used his speech to argue the best way forward was to forge an effective alliance that could win World War II and preserve the peace afterward.

What Pelosi neglected to tell Johnson is that her father was also investigated for connections to the mob.

President Kennedy Asked the FBI to Look Into Speaker Pelosi’s Father for Connections to the Mob – Documents Quietly Released Last Week Confirm This

The results of the investigation of Pelosi’s father are unknown.  Pelosi’s father was selected for a lower-level position in Kennedy’s Administration.

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