The Whole World Knows Biden Is Not Fit for Office But Democrats and RINOs Continue to Pretend He Is


By Joe Hoft

Published September 22, 2021 at 2:30pm

The whole world knows Joe Biden is not fit for office.  But the politicians in Washington and Big Media and Big Tech continue to cover this up while his Administration destroys the US.

We knew this before the election.  Joe Biden didn’t have to physical stamina to be President nor did he have the mental competence.  He was a senile old man whose best days were long gone.

America is a laughing stock.  This morning former US Rep. from Minnesota, Michele Bachmann, said Biden is not running the Administration and whoever is doesn’t seem to care about the legacy of his team.  They are failing in every way and content with it.  Biden isn’t leading and his Administration is dark and “appears to embrace a culture of death”.

“This Administration Appears to Embrace a Culture of Death” – Former Rep. and Dean Michele Bachmann

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Brit Nigel Farage shared on FOX News this morning:

What a bizarre spectacle, to see two important world leaders muzzled behind the thickest face masks that could possibly ever been made. So much so it was actually quite difficult to hear anything anyone was saying. But that was the first thing that was utterly bizarre. And I think Boris Johnson and of course, you know, our culture as yours has always been, is that leaders are accountable to the press, from all sides and all opinions, who could ask questions. And I think Boris was completely stunned that the new culture in America, who was supposed to be the leaders of the free world, is that the president doesn’t take questions.

So Boris decided to sort of in an impromptu way, try and take a few questions and the White House press team didn’t like it and protested. And so we’re sort of asking ourselves a question here in the UK this morning. If Joe Biden doesn’t take questions from journalists and therefore isn’t accountable for what he’s doing as leader of America or leader of the free world, we have to ask ourselves a question. Is he actually fit and proper and competent to be doing the job? 

A writer at PJ Media looks at the good side, that the Democrats will have a hard time gaining any leverage in upcoming elections with Biden in the house.

While I do worry about the damage to the U.S. Constitution our senile, alleged president and his puppet masters can do before November of 2022, I also relish the fact that his scorched-earth commie plan might relegate the Democrats to the backbench for quite some time.

No, Biden is not fit for office.  He never was.  We knew years ago he was losing it.  Now the whole world can see it.  It’s sad those who run his Administration, whoever they may be, seem to enjoy him and his Administration making fools of themselves.  This really was a silent coup.

What do you think?

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