It’s All Theater: Masks Come Off Shortly Before Obama Instructs Everyone How to Pose for Photos “Breaking Ground” on His Presidential Library (VIDEO)


It’s all for show.

Face masks came off shortly before Barack Obama instructed everyone how to pose for photos “breaking ground” on his controversial presidential library.

Obama was joined by his wife Michelle, Illinois Governor Pritzker and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Tuesday.

Michelle Obama dwarfed her husband as she grabbed a shovel and really went in for it.

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Barack Obama micromanaged the entire production.

After posing for photos, Obama hugged people and shook hands.

Masks and social distancing are only for the peasants.


Watch as Obama instructs everyone how to pose for photos “breaking ground” on his presidential library — an event that thankfully doesn’t require Covid masks

— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) September 28, 2021

Environmental groups have unsuccessfully tried to block Barack Obama’s eyesore of a library from being built.

One environmental group tried to petition the US Supreme Court, but Amy Coney Barrett, who oversees emergency appeals from the 7th Circuit, which includes Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin denied their petition last month.

The environmental group, Protect Our Parks, argued the federal government did not conduct the required assessment of the environmental impact Barack Obama’s library would have on migratory birds and wildlife.

Protect Our Parks argued the federal and state governments illegally segmented the construction project into smaller sections in order to go around a full assessment of its negative impact on the environment.

“The OPC project will promptly dismantle much of Jackson Park’s historic landscape and obliterate trees, wildlife, as well as all of its historic transportation system,” the advocacy group said.

“These facts make the situation cry out for the proper application of the federal laws that all parties indisputably agree are at issue in this case.”

“In constructing the OPC, Respondents will need to demolish significant parts of Jackson Park, its historical resources, parkland, and trees, which will, in turn, adversely affect the human environment, the historic landscape, wildlife, and migratory birds,” the group continued.

Amy Coney Barrett rejected the last minute bid from the Chicago-based environmental group.

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