Outrageous! Biden State Dept. Refuses Entry of Private Rescue Flight of 28 Americans and 83 Green Card Members from Afghanistan


By Jim Hoft

Published September 29, 2021 at 9:40am

The US military knew there was going to be an attack at the Kabul Airport in August.

On Wednesday, August 25th the US State Department issued a warning to US nationals to avoid traveling to Hamid Karzai Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan. The US told those waiting outside to leave immediately.

On Thursday, August 26th a suicide bomber blew himself up near the Abbey Gate at the Kabul Airport killing 13 Americans:  11 US Marines, a Navy Hospitalman, and an Army Staff Sgt.

Following the attack, one Marine wrote a text message to The Raid Team.  The Marine who was on the scene disclosed that there was a countdown before the suicide bomber detonated himself.

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The Taliban allowed the bomber to get through the perimeter.  The Marines did not allow the bomber to get through the inside perimeter.  He was outside the gate when he detonated his explosive vest by the crowded Abbey Gate at the Kabul Airport.

According to our source, there were also reports of Marines who saw the Taliban laughing after the deadly blast.

And the Marines on the ground, according to Caz from The Raid Team Co., said the military was not even checking the names of Afghans they were loading into planes out of Afghanistan. According to Marines on the ground the Biden regime only wanted the numbers for propaganda purposes and did not vet the Afghans flying out of Kabul.

US Marine on the Ground in Kabul Says Biden Admin Filled Planes with Unvetted Afghans – Those with Papers were Left Behind — NY Times Confirms Afghans Were Unvetted

But the Biden administration is refusing entry to a private rescue plane from Afghanistan with 28 Americans and 83 green card holders.

Over 50 of the passengers are children!

The Biden administration won’t let them in!

The Daily Mail reported:

The US has barred an evacuation charter flight carrying American citizens and Afghan green card holders from landing in the country.

A Department of Homeland Security official claimed it was because authorities need time to conduct background checks on those on board.

Twenty-eight Americans, 83 green card holders and six Afghans with US Special Immigration Visas, granted to people who worked for the US government during the 20-year war, were aboard the Kam Air flight, according to organizer and veteran Bryan Stern.

He said Customs had cleared his charter flight to land at in New York but later changed the clearance to Dulles International Airport outside Washington before denying the plane landing rights anywhere in the US.

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