Joe Biden Claims He’s Been “Working Around the Clock” to Pass His Agenda in New Video – But Official Calendar Shows He Actually Averaged 3 Hours a Day


By Jim Hoft

Published October 2, 2021 at 7:00pm

Like Pravda, the Joe Biden regime released a video on Saturday claiming he’s been “working around the clock” to pass his radical Build Back Better agenda.

I’ve been working around the clock to pass my Build Back Better Agenda and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal. It’s the platform I was elected on – and I intend to deliver it for the American people.

— President Biden (@POTUS) October 2, 2021

In reality Joe Biden worked an average of three hours a day all week according to his official calendar.

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M – 3.5 hourse

T – 3 hours

W – 4.5 hours

Th – 3 hours

F – 6 hours

S – 1 hour

Su – 0 hours

Total – 21 hours or 3 hours per day

Joe Biden is currently resting in Delaware.

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