Disaster: Biden Hits New Low of 28 Percent Approval by Independents in New Quinnipiac Poll


Joe Biden’s approval rating hit a new low of 37 percent in the Quinnipiac poll released Tuesday, down from 38 percent two weeks ago. Biden’s disapproval is at 52 percent, down from 53 percent two weeks ago. But the big news from the poll is Biden’s approval among independents has plummeted to 28 percent, down from 32 percent two weeks ago.

Last week Biden’s approval among independents just barely dipped into the 20s, at 29.8 percent in the Economist/YouGov poll. The Q-Poll confirms Biden’s collapse among independents.

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Quinnipiac buried the lede of Biden’s collapse with independents in their report on their poll, focusing instead on President Trump’s improving numbers among Republicans and improving support for a border wall: “78% Of Republicans Want To See Trump Run For President In 2024, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; Americans Now Split On Border Wall As Opposition Softens”

Other observations from the poll:

Biden is now underwater with women at 43 percent approve, 45 percent disapprove. Men’s approve disapprove of Biden is a brutal 30/59.

Biden has crashed with Hispanics who give him an approve/disapprove of 33/51. White’s approve/disapprove of Biden is 33/59. Black approve/disapprove of Biden is down in dangerous territory for a Democrat, 65/22.

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