HUGE MISTAKE OR FOREBODING ACTION? You’ll Never Guess What Facebook’s New Name “Meta” Means in Hebrew


You would think Mark Zuckerberg would know this.  He is Jewish.  The new name for Facebook “Meta” means “Death” in Hebrew.

Netherland News Live notes:

Facebook’s new name makes people laugh in Israel. Meta, as CEO Mark Zuckerberg proudly christened his parent company this week, means ‘death’ in Hebrew. And that causes a lot of hilarity on social media.

Until now, the group behind the social network was also called Facebook. But the parent company is changing its name to Meta, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced this week. The new name fits better with Zuckerberg’s ambitious plans to develop a new virtual world. The social media app will continue to be called Facebook. The company behind it also owns Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus.

Since the announcement, especially Jewish users poke fun at the name change. Meta is very similar to the Hebrew word for “death,” tweeted tech expert Nirit Weiss-Blatt. “The Jewish community will ridicule this name for years to come,” she wrote. Other twitterers also point out to Facebook the unfortunate choice of name.

Facebook’s new name is now a joke in Israel. But others find it more sinister.

The @Meta #META name is more sinister than you might think. Translated in our ancient language of #Assyrian Meta ܡܝܼܬ݂ܵܐ translates to death, deprived of life. @Neloangelo314

— (@lIllIlllIIIll) October 30, 2021

Others noted that the music to the Universal Death Squad was playing in the background when Zuckerberg made the Meta announcement.

Mark Zuckerberg announcing ‘Meta’ but ‘Universal Death Squad’ is playing on the background

— Epica Stats (@EpicaStats) October 29, 2021

Facebook is involved in censoring conservatives and the truth, election fraud, and COVID media manipulation.  Maybe Zuckerberg did know the name of Meta in Hebrew.

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