New Hampshire and Pennsylvania Join Ohio, Missouri and Withdraw from the National School Boards Association Over Letter Labeling Parents ‘Domestic Terrorists’


Four states have decided to terminate their National School Boards Association membership over a letter comparing the parents to domestic terrorists.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that Ohio and Missouri School Board Associations terminated their membership with the NSBA.

The New Hampshire School Boards Association is the latest to leave the NSBA after it sent a letter to Biden that begs him to use federal law enforcement agencies against parents and investigate them for “domestic terrorism and hate crime threats.” The National School Board was so outraged that parents were speaking out in defense of their children that they shamelessly urged the DOJ to use the Patriot Act, among other “enforceable actions” against them.

“This email is to inform you that NHSBA has decided to withdraw its membership from the National School Boards Association, effective immediately. NBA’s recent actions have made our continued membership untenable.”

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NHSBA is finalizing its formal letter to the National School Boards Association relative to its withdrawal. They will share that letter with membership as soon as possible.

“NHSBA has decided to withdraw its membership from the National School Boards Association, effective immediately. NSBA’s recent actions have made our continued membership untenable.”

— Corey A. DeAngelis (@DeAngelisCorey) October 28, 2021

The Pennsylvania School Boards Association voted unanimously last October 14th to withdraw from NSBA.

“The Governing Board of the Pennsylvania School Boards Association has voted unanimously to cancel PSBA’s longstanding membership in the National School Boards Association. The decision was reached following significant deliberations and discussions with counsel and management.”

full statement:

— Corey A. DeAngelis (@DeAngelisCorey) October 15, 2021

The National School Boards Association on October 22nd apologized to the Biden Administration characterizing concerned parents at school meetings as potential domestic terrorists.

This letter comes just one day after the Washington Free Beacon obtained emails revealing the Biden Regime was coordinating with the NSBA in the weeks leading up to the memo attacking parents.

“On behalf of the NSBA, we regret and apologize for the letter. To be clear, the safety of school board members, other public school officials and educators, and students is our top priority, and there remains important work to be done on this issue. However, there was no justification for some of the language included in the letter,” the NSBA wrote.

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