NewsBusters Podcast: Rutgers Racism and the Farce of ‘Fact Checking’ with Brad Slager


On the latest edition of the NewsBusters Podcast, we begin with a viral video from the MRCTV Twitter account. It’s an edit of an interview Rutgers professor Brittney Cooper gave to The Root, a website whose motto is “The Blacker the Content, the Sweeter the Truth.” Apparently, the truth is that white people are villainous and should be removed from Earth: 

Rutgers professor: “White people are committed to being villains,” “We gotta take these MF’ers out.”

This professor spewed hatred on a YouTube video with @TheRoot.

— MRCTV (@mrctv) October 26, 2021

But most of today’s show is an interview with Brad Slager of RedState and Townhall about his recent pieces on the “fact checkers,” or as Brad also calls them, the “truth mavens” and the “viscounts of verite.” 

President Biden’s latest punctiliously pre-screened and watered-down  “town hall” on CNN was an opportunity for “independent” fact checkers to evaluate Biden. But Brad found a lot of defending Biden, on how his hand gestures weren’t racist and how any mention of his failure to visit the border might be missing context – in 2008, he once rode in a limo near the border. As if that means the border crisis isn’t a real issue.

Enjoy the podcast below (complete with a mellow Zima finish) or listen wherever you enjoy your podcasts.

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