After First Appearance in Months, Newsweek Takes the Opportunity to Berate Beautiful Melania Trump


Melania Trump joined her husband, President Donald Trump, at the World Series Game in Atlanta last night.  It was the first appearance by Melania in months.  The evil biased left-wing media took no time to isolate pictures and berate the beautiful Mrs. Trump.

Last night was the first time we’ve seen Melania Trump in months.  The Daily Mail reported:

Trump stood beside former first lady Melania, as they chopped away with fans before the game between the Atlanta Braves and Houston Astros from a private suite.

It was the first time Melania had been seen in public since July, when she was spotted leaving the Trump Tower in New York City with son Barron, and the first time she had been seen with her husband since April.

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Newsweek was quick to berate beautiful Melania.

During Saturday’s World Series baseball game between the Houston Astros and Atlanta Braves at Truist Park in the Georgia state capital, the former first lady had a broad grin for the crowd who cheered her as she stood next to her husband.

However, as Donald Trump pointed towards the crowd and lapped up the adulation, his wife’s contentment appeared to be short-lived as she looked away and her smile quickly turned upside down.

As of Sunday morning, the clip of the moment that occurred during the couple’s first public appearance since April had been viewed more than 4.3 million times.

Whatever the truth of the adage the camera never lies, the image prompted many to speculate about just why her expression dropped like a stone.

Show business journalist Perez Hilton tweeted, “Melania Trump’s face says it all!” while Al Jazeera producer Barry Malone tweeted: “Melania’s face telling tales on her again.”

Big Media in the US is so totally corrupt and dishonest.  They also have no compassion for individuals who love America and want to make it greater.  They hate people like President and Mrs. Trump.

Melania looked healthy and as ravishing as always, but still, the media had to take the opportunity to show their true colors. Do these people even consider what people are going through and do they even care?

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