Biden Claims He Was Late for Meeting After “Playing with Elevators” – No One Believes Him


It sounds like a Halloween horror flick – Joe Biden had problems on an elevator and that was why he was late to a meeting with the G20 leaders.  Unfortunately, no one believes him.

Joe Biden was late for another meeting, this time with the G20.  He’s notably late for every meeting he attends per FOX News:

From June 1 through the second week of October, Biden was an average of 22.4 minutes late for his publicly scheduled events, according to a Fox News tally. He has sometimes kept his audiences waiting an hour or longer.

In August amid the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, the president showed up an average of 34 minutes late for his events.

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This time Joe was late for the G20.  So he claimed the following:

I apologize to keep you waiting,” said Biden, who showed up more than 20 minutes late. “We were playing with elevators. Long story, anyway.”

Who really knows with Biden what’s the truth.

#SleepyJoeBiden was flummoxed by an elevator? Gee, you’d think someone in his 800 person entourage coul figure out an European lift.

— Rusty Nutz (@jeepingeezer) October 31, 2021

Others seem to agree.

“Playing with elevators”?????

Perhaps they were trying to figure out why Biden’s elevator doesn’t go all the way up to the top.

Biden apologizes for being late to G20 press conference: ‘We were playing with elevators’ #FoxNews

— Alaskan Tequila (@LTequila4) October 31, 2021

Some call it total BS.

Total BS. Possible Reasons 1) Waiting for drugs to kick-in. 2) #PoopyPantsBiden 3) Thought he’s still in US Senate 4) Forgot his name is Joe Biden 5) Sniffing all the hair in Elevator.

— tom taylor (@condotels) October 31, 2021

Ultimately no one really cares if Biden is at a meeting. He adds no more than your senile, bed-wetting uncle in the nursing home.

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