Following Wednesday Hearing Georgians Not Hopeful Judge Will Ban Dominion Voting Systems from State – Same Judge Ruled Drop Boxes Could Stay Open 24 Hours


Yesterday VoterGA in Georgia presented at a hearing to determine if Dominion voting machines should be eligible in the state after issues identified prior to the 2020 Election.

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There’s no response yet from Judge Adams to the request by VoterGA to ban Dominion Voting Systems in Georgia.  A response is expected on Monday.

The Georgia record reports:

Judge Kimberly Esmond Adams in Georgia was seemingly allied from the beginning with the GA Attorney General’s office in arguments before the court on a motion to dismiss the VoterGA case requesting relief from a finding from Judge Totenberberg in Oct 2020 the Dominion machines violated GA law as the ballots were not verifiable via a QR code that could be nefariously changed.

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A local TV station reported that the judge appeared apprehensive to any efforts to prevent Georgia Voting machines from being used in the state.

Controversial Judge Kimberly Adams has ruled on previous voter-related cases and ruled with the left. In December 2020 before the senate runoff elections Adams ruled the unattended drop boxes could remain open at all hours of the day and night.

Obviously, Judge Adams is not concerned with election integrity.

Who even knows if drop boxes are legal in Georgia?

Far Left Georgia Judge Says It’s Constitutional to Keep Voter Drop Boxes Open At All Hours – Throws Out GOP Case

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