Canada: Saskatchewan to End Covid-19 Proof of Vaccination February 14


Canada – Saskatchewan will end its vaccine passport system on Monday, February 14.

The province’s mask mandate will also be lifted at the end of February.

“We want things to be as normal as they can,” Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe said on Tuesday.

CBC reported:

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Saskatchewan will end its vaccine passport policy on Monday, Feb. 14.

That means businesses, workplaces and other public venues will no longer be mandated by the province to require proof of vaccination or a negative test.

Currently, all Saskatchewan residents must show proof that they have received two shots of the COVID-19 vaccine to enter restaurants, bars and many other businesses. They also have the option to provide a negative COVID-19 test.

Those requirements will be removed Monday.

The provincial government confirmed that other current public health orders, including a requirement to mask in indoor public spaces, will remain in effect until the latest public health order expires at the end of February.

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