“A Spranational Alliance Must Be Created to Stop Tyranny.” – TGP’s Joe Hoft Agrees with Italian News on Alliance to Defeat Totalitarians During Interview (VIDEO)


TGP’s Joe Hoft was on with Vox Italia TV on Tuesday, November 9th and he agreed with the hosts that Italy and the US both are under tyrannical governments and we must stick together to stop what is going on. 

TGP’s Joe Hoft shared with Vox Italia TV and made the following comments in the video below:

The Pope should not have said that Joe Biden is a good Catholic. Archbishop Vigano provided this memo:

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Also, Joe Biden is unable to lead the world on any globalist agenda due to his senility.  He is being run by someone or a group of people like Obama, George Soros, or China.

The polls for both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris show very poor results.

Still, the 2020 Election is a top issue for the 75 million who voted for President Trump.

Although Republicans did well in Virginia, it appears elections were stolen from Republicans in New Jersey.

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