Adele Slams Gender-Neutral Awards Show: ‘I Love Being a Woman!’


Pop/Soul superstar Adele is not even allowed to be comfortable in her femininity without people trying to cancel her.

Per a report from PageSix, the “Easy On Me” singer has been catching heat ever since her awards acceptance speech at the annual Brits awards show on February 8. This year’s Brits made headlines because of its new woke format where the awards categories were genderless to promote equality, yadda yadda.

While accepting her award for Artist of the Year – one of the categories resulting from the PC merger of the Best Male Artist and Best Female Artist – Adele actually pushed back against the woke branding, in a graceful way of course.

“I understand why the name of this award has changed but I really love being a woman and being a female artist. I do!” She added, “I’m really proud of us, I really, really am.” The “Rolling in The Deep” songwriter beamed as she said this while the supportive Brits crowd cheered her on. 

#ADELE: “i really love being a woman and being a female artist” #Brits

— alyx (@tvmourn) February 8, 2022

However there was one crowd that was glowering over her statement. You know the one. Yes, the dreaded internet wokesters.

As soon as the words came out of her mouth, the LGBTQ-obsessed social media crowd lit up their screens with accusations that Adele was a transphobe and a TERF, an acronym for the phrase “Trans-exclusionary radical feminists.” 

Other famous British people, like J.K. Rowling, have become used to being called TERF, which essentially means that they are feminists who don’t approve of transgender activists because those activists  impede on the notion of biological female-ness.

For example, J.K. Rowling has been labeled a TERF and been canceled consecutive times for stating such things as “If sex isn’t real, there’s no same-sex attraction. If sex isn’t real, the lived reality of women globally is erased.” 

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One LGBTQ entertainer and activist, who goes by the single name “Jacob” on Twitter, lamented over the possibility that Adele is a TERF. “Please, no, ADELE can’t be a TERF,” he wrote.

Another user wrote this hyperbolic tweet: “Who’d have thought  #Adele was a transphobe and would use her platform to call for the destruction of the trans community.” Interesting. That seems to be a bit of stretch of Adele merely saying she was proud of being a woman.

Yet another angry Twitter fiend wrote that they “lost a lot of respect for Adele” after her speech. Geez these people are sensitive. 

Who’d have thought #Adele was a transphobe and would use her platform to call for the destruction of the trans community. Especially the confused teenagers.

— Puumph! (@puumph) February 9, 2022

However, other less sensitive types seemed perturbed by the angry reaction elicited by Adele’s good will towards women speech. Researcher and author Dr. Jane Harris tweeted, “2022. The year in which the cult of gender has taken such a hold that when the winner of the Brits says – ‘I really love being a woman and being a female artist’ — she is castigated.” Yeah it is insane.

In an op-ed for British paper The Spectator, teacher Debbie Hayton wrote, “Adele’s message to women and girls was inspirational. Here was a woman – who has sold tens of millions of albums – telling the world she was proud to be a woman. That’s something to celebrate, not condemn.”

Yeah does this mean that Shania Twain’s going to get canceled over writing, “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!”? What a shame.

What do you think?

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