Alan Dershowitz Warns The Justice System Is Becoming Infected With CRT


Critical race theory has infected many aspects of American life.

It is being taught in some areas of the US government, it is being taught in some school systems in the United States and it is being pushed by corporations on their employees.

One mother who had been from the Soviet Union issued a warning about critical race theory pointing out that it is dangerous.

She argued that “actually a tyrannical Soviet ideology.”

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Now, we have this.

Alan Dershowitz joined John Solomon’s podcast to issue a warning about the American justice system.

Dershowitz warned that the justice system is becoming “much more responsive” to critical race theory.

He added, “basically, everything’s about race.”

Just The News reported:

Alan Dershowitz, the famed law scholar and appellate lawyer, has a stark warning for judges, prosecutors and defense lawyers: America’s justice system is being corrupted by identity politics and critical race theory.

In an interview with Just the News, Dershowitz deplored the growing trend in recent criminal cases toward political agendas supplanting the neutral consideration of evidence and law that has been the lifeblood of U.S. jurisprudence for more than two centuries.

“It’s becoming much more responsive, unfortunately, to critical race theory, basically, everything’s about race,” Dershowitz told the John Solomon Reports podcast in an interview aired this week. “Everything’s about race or politics.

“The justice system has stopped being about is this particular person innocent or guilty beyond a reasonable doubt based on the evidence and based on the law. People today are rooting, cheering for verdicts. They want verdicts to reflect their narrative. They want verdicts to prove their way of looking at the world. Trials and justice have ceased to be about individual justice. They’re about identity politics.

If the justice system falls to identity politics, what happens to America?

What do you think?

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