ANOTHER J-6 INFILTRATOR? Megan Paradise, the Ray Epps Female Clone, Caught on Megaphone Directing Trump Supporters to US Capitol, Broke into Lawmaker’s Office, Filmed the Room, Has Not Been Arrested


Megan Paradise was listed as #16 on the FBI’s January 6 most wanted list.

Ray Epps was later dropped from the FBI list.

Megan Paradise has not been arrested.

In a video produced by Free State Will at Free State Kansas you can see Megan Paradise urging Trump supporters for hours to get to the US Capitol. You can also see at least two men call her out as a Fed.

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Then Megan Paradise is seen inside a lawmaker’s office smoking. She is filming everyone in the office — like Baked Alaska did on January 6. Megan Paradise was NEVER arrested. The FBI took her phone and ordered her to stay off of social media.

She is echoing Ray Epps in this video.

From the Video: On January 6, Megan Paradise was urging protestors to break through police lines and go into the Capitol. Her identity has been known since January, but despite being on the FBI’s Top 20 most wanted list (Like Ray Epps), Megan has not been arrested. Is she working for the FBI?

More— Megan Paradise was screaming at Trump supporters to “Take their shields!”

You may have to click through the link to see the video.

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