ANTIFA TERRORIST WITH PIPE BOMBS Who Targeted Jan. 6 Patriot Event Is Released from Jail Without Posting Bond — While J-6er Jeremy Brown Is Still Held in Same Jail on Misdemeanor Charge


As Cara Castronuova reported earlier at The Gateway Pundit — An Antifa member with a bomb was arrested on January 6th at a political rally in Florida. The suspect, Garrett James Smith, was seen running away before he was apprehended by police and caught with a backpack containing a pipe bomb, a gas mask, pepper spray, smoke rockets, and flammable rags. He also carried a “Direct Action” Checklist (see photos below).

Antifa man caught with Pipe Bomb on January 6th, 2022.

Smith was there to counter-protest a rally organized by Trump Supporters outside of Pinellas County Jail to demand the release of Political Prisoner Jeremy Brown, who remains in jail with no bail in Florida. Brown is a decorated U.S. Army special forces soldier.  Brown refused to agree to be an FBI informant during the Jan. 6 riots so they arrested him months later on misdemeanor trespassing charges.  Jeremy Brown was standing outside the US Capitol on Jan. 6 and inside the invisible No-Go zone so he was later arrested.  Brown currently sits in jail without human rights, and without trial on a misdemeanor trespassing charge.

According to local Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, officers chased Smith — who “stuck out” dressed all in black, including a ski mask — when he suddenly sprinted away from the rally.

Antifa man Garrett Smith in all black and a ski mask at a rally. He was caught with a bomb, apprehended and arrested. His bond is set at 300k.

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According to Gualtieri, officers found a homemade pipe bomb in his backpack, which “had the potential to be very harmful,” the sheriff warned.

“It could have been very destructive, and he could have hurt a lot of people,” Gualtieri said, adding that he was certain Smith was “prepared” to set off the bomb before he was spooked and fled.

Explosives and bombs found in the possession of Garrett Smith.

Authorities searched Smith’s home and found another pipe bomb, hand grenade-style explosives, nails and duct tape. Smith also wore a helmet showcasing the “Iron Front” emblem (three red arrows in a circle). This logo is used by Antifa groups.

Additionally, the suspect had until several months ago been based in Portland, Oregon- a city that’s name has now become synonymous with violent riots and the left wing militant group.

“Direct Action’ Checklist found in possession of Antifa man carrying Bomb at January 6th rally (page 1).

“Direct Action’ Checklist found in possession of Antifa man carrying Bomb at January 6th rally (page 2).

“Direct Action’ Checklist found in possession of Antifa man carrying Bomb at January 6th rally (page 3).

Smith was held on a $300,250 bond. He was charged with three counts of possession or discharge of a destructive device and one count of loitering and prowling.

Contrast this with the treatment of January 6th political prisoners, who continue to suffer in prison with no bail on 22 hour a day lockdown- many of the accused of non-violent crimes like loitering and disorderly conduct.

On Thursday terrorist bomber Garrett Smith was released from Pinellas County Jail without posting bond on his own recognizance.

Here is the report from Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

It is hard to believe this is actually happening in America today.

Hat Tip Alondra

Garrett Smith is the only bomber arrested at either the Jan. 6 2021 protests or the Jan. 6 2022 protests.

Today he walks free on the streets despite having a career of antifa activism.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Brown continues to rot in that same jail for a misdemeanor.

God save this country from this evil.

** Please donate to Jeremy Brown’s GiveSendGo account today.

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