ASU Students to Hold Wednesday Rally To KEEP KYLE RITTENHOUSE on Campus


Not all college students are woke.

After the radical left demanded Kyle Rittenhouse’s withdraw from ASU online classes, a local college student has organized a ‘Rally To Support Kyle Rittenhouse And His Right To Study At Arizona State University’ tomorrow at 3:30 pm.

The organizer, Nick Mourani posted information about tomorrow’s event on Instagram saying,

The goal of this peaceful protest is to show support for Kyle Rittenhouse and his right to study at Arizona State University.

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On Tucker Carlson’s popular FOX News show, Kyle Rittenhouse showed interest in pursuing a career in nursing at Arizona State University, and leftist student organizations are petitioning the University to withdraw him from classes there.

We are PEACEFULLY counter-protesting another protest that wants Kyle removed.

Please be respectful and to not engage with the opposition.

On August 25, 2020 in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Kyle legally defended himself from 3 assailants and was later found NOT GUILTY of any murder chargers in the court of law.

Arizona State University should ignore the cries of these student organizations calling for the withdrawal of Kyle. He legally defended himself and it was proven that he rightfully did so in our judicial system. It would be wrong for Arizona State University to withdraw him.

Please join and let’s show support for Kyle ***peacefully*** and his right to study at Arizona State University.

American flags, signs, etc are appropriate if you’d like to bring them.

If you have any questions please DM me.

#KeepKyle at ASU Protest” Location for Wednesday…FULL ASU-TEMPE MAP LINK IN BIO

The location is marked with an American star symbol. Visitor parking is accessible as show off of 10th and Mill Avenue.

Pleas DM me with any questions.

Mourani has also started his own petition, to counter the petition to cancel Kyle Rittenhouse at ASU.

#KeepKyle at #ArizonaStateUniversity

SIGN TODAY to Keep Kyle at Arizona State University

— Nick Mourani (@realnickmourani) November 29, 2021

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