Ben Shapiro Slams Biden’s ‘Horrendous’ Response To Special Counsel Report, Discusses New Docu-Series With Megyn Kelly

Ben Shapiro Slams Biden’s ‘Horrendous’ Response To Special Counsel Report, Discusses New Docu-Series With Megyn Kelly

Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro slammed President Joe Biden’s response to a special counsel report showing that he had memory issues during an appearance on the Megyn Kelly show on Friday where they also discussed his new docu-series, “The Divided States of Biden.”

Kelly had Shapiro on to analyze the fallout from the release of a report from Special Counsel Robert Hur that concluded that while Biden “willfully retained and disclosed classified materials,” no charges should be brought because of the president’s mental acuity. Biden responded to the release of the report by holding a press conference where he made repeated mental mistakes.

Shapiro ripped into Biden over the press conference, pointing out how it only highlighted the president’s weaknesses.

“I mean, it truly was the worst press conference I have ever seen by far. I’ve been watching these things for well over 20 years at this point, and obviously I’ve watched a lot of tape. That was horrendous,” Shapiro said.

During the conference, Biden mixed up the names of the leaders of Egypt and Mexico.

“He makes the mistake of mixing up el-Sisi of Egypt with AMLO of Mexico, which, for the record, might explain why we have an open border. He’s asking the wrong guy to close the border,” Shapiro quipped.

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He added that the media would now have to decide whether to cover Biden fairly or continue to bypass his mental struggles.

“What a complete disaster area for the president. It’s hard to see, frankly, how he survives this. The media basically now have a choice. The media can either openly report what’s going on, and every day from now until the election will be a question about his mental state,” he said.

Shapiro noted that Hur’s report found that Biden did wrongly handle classified documents, but decided not to pursue criminal charges because Biden could claim poor memory if dragged in front of a jury.

Kelly and Shapiro also discussed his new docu-series, titled “The Divided States of Biden,” where he explains the the ongoing border crisis caused by Biden’s policies, which have led to a massive spike in illegal immigrants entering the U.S. along with a rise in fentanyl and human trafficking.

.@benshapiro discusses his new series ‘Divided States of Biden’, on the @MegynKellyShow: “This country is in serious and dire trouble, and ‘Divided States of Biden’ is designed to highlight each of these issues from a location where it’s actually happening.”

— Daily Wire (@realDailyWire) February 9, 2024

“We’re basically going to all the sites in America where the issues are most relevant. We went down to the southern border,” Shapiro said, discussing how he and his team traveled to Arizona to witness firsthand the consequences of Biden’s border policies.

On Thursday, Shapiro said he traveled to Kensington in Pennsylvania to examine an area that had been ravaged by fentanyl.

“I’ve never seen anything remotely like it. It’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen in the United States. It looks like something from Mad Max. You’re talking about miles stretches of road in which wall-to-wall people are just shooting openly in the public, rotting flesh, lighting fires, hunched over because of what the drugs are doing to them,” he said.

He also traveled to Camden, New Jersey, and saw the effects of rising crime. “‘Divided States of Biden‘ is designed to highlight each of these issues from a location actually happening — so it’s not just us in the studio talking about it, you can actually see the footage for yourself and see what it looks like on the ground where most of us aren’t going to go.”



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