BIDEN ECONOMY: Black Friday Sales Down 28% – Cyber Monday Sales Down (1.4%) for First Time Ever


It’s been a rough week for Biden’s economy.  Christmas sales are down from last year as Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales fall.

According to CNBC, Black Friday was a dark day for retailers.

Traffic at retail stores on Black Friday dropped 28.3% compared with 2019 levels, as Americans shifted more of their spending online and kicked off their shopping earlier in the year, according to preliminary data from Sensormatic Solutions.

Traffic was up 47.5% compared with year-ago levels, Sensormatic said. This time in 2020, many shoppers stayed at home due to fears around the coronavirus pandemic and as retailers operated on somewhat reduced hours.

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This week, reported on the lackluster results of Cyber Monday:

Cyber Monday sales have become as much a holiday shopping fixture as Black Friday, and until yesterday even more reliable. Even in last year’s pandemic-impacted economy, online sales grew year-on-year as they always do. Not this year, however, as CNBC reports that sales dropped for the first time ever:

Consumers logged online on Monday and spent $10.7 billion, marking a 1.4% decrease from year-ago levels, according to data from Adobe Analytics.

This year’s tally marks the first time that Adobe has tracked a slowdown in spending on major shopping days. Adobe first began reporting on e-commerce in 2012, and it analyzes more than 1 trillion visits to retailers’ websites.

These numbers are not surprising due to the many economy-killing policies of the Biden regime.  For example, the reduction in sales may be related to the supply chain issues that started with Biden.

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The loss in sales might also be due to the lack of product after looters rob products off the shelves and walk away uninhibited.

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Unfortunately, with inflation on the rise and government spending at record levels, the Biden economy is only going to get worse.  

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