Biden Forgets His Mask, Tries to Find it, Then Gives Up After Insulting Kamala Harris’ Husband During Infrastructure Signing Ceremony (VIDEO)


Joe Biden on Monday afternoon delivered remarks at the signing ceremony for the $1 trillion infrastructure bill recently passed by Congress.

Biden’s speech was painful to listen to because he could barely read his teleprompter.

At one point Biden insulted Kamala Harris’ husband, Doug.

This was awkward considering there is a major Biden-Harris behind-the-scenes war going on.

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“I wanna thank everyone who helped make this happen,” Biden awkwardly shouted. “Vice President Harris, my cabinet members, my white house team, Jill, Doug, our first lady and our second husband — no, I’m joking.”


After Biden’s low energy speech, he forgot his mask, tried to find it then gave up and walked away.


Biden, fully vaccinated and outside before signing the infrastructure bill, walks back to podium because he forgot his mask: “Oh, my mask.”

Biden can’t find the mask and then walks back to the signing table.

— Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) November 15, 2021

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