“Biden Has a Credibility Problem” – The Biden Gang Is Failing and They Lie About It and Don’t Seem to Care


Biden’s economic policies are insane for American but help China and the rest of the world.

FOX News reports:

The month began with Democratic setbacks in the off year elections, and concludes with renewed concern about inflation and higher costs of well, everything, from gasoline (62% higher) to home heating (54% higher) to Thanksgiving meals (14% higher).

Brian Brenberg from King’s College shared on FOX:

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… [Biden] has handed power to OPEC and Russia.  He claims to be someone who wants to fight climate change.  Wants to fight fossil fuels.  He’s given all of the power to countries that are dependent upon those fuels…

…But the problem is [FED Chief Jerome] Powell has actually proven to be a great ally for the easy money policies for the Biden Administration.  Let’s face it we got money flowing.  Lael Brainard is the new Vice-Chair.  She’s very easy money.  These are big progressive picks.  But nobody in this White House is paying attention to the money.  They’re not paying attention to inflation.  They’re focused like a laser on their spending agenda. That’s what you’re going to get America.  Come inflation.

See video below:

Clearly, Biden has a credibility problem but he and his gang of corrupt misfits don’t know it and appear not to care.

What do you think?

Written by Newsman

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