Biden Regime Ignores Courts Again and Tells Businesses to Move Forward with Vaccine Mandate


Biden’s gang has no regard for the rule of law.  We saw this in the 2020 Election and we’ve seen it ever since.

Yesterday, the Biden regime told companies to keep pushing the vaccine mandates despite federal courts ruling they’re unconstitutional.

For the second time in a month, the White House on Thursday urged large businesses to move forward with coronavirus vaccine mandates for their workforces despite court challenges to the Biden administration’s vaccine-or-test requirement for private companies.

“Our message to businesses right now is to move forward with measures that will make their workplaces safer and protect their workforces from COVID-19,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters during a briefing. “That was our message after the first stay issued by the Fifth Circuit. That remains our message and nothing has changed.”

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Psaki’s comments came after the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) said it would suspend enforcement of the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for businesses after a federal appeals court reaffirmed its decision to suspend the mandate.

This isn’t the first time the Biden Administration has ignored a court order.  Earlier in the month, FOX News reported how the Biden gang was ignoring the court order then on their unconstitutional vaccine mandate.

After a Gulf Coast federal appeals court ruled to temporarily halt an executive order from President Joe Biden that instructs OSHA to mandate most employers abide by a vaccination mandate or have their workers face termination, a White House spokeswoman urged businesses to essentially ignore the court and proceed with mandating their employees elect to the injection.

On “Tucker Carlson Tonight“, Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume warned the Biden administration is playing with “political dynamite” by pressing the issue.

Hume was responding to comments made by White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who told reporters that “People should not wait … They should continue to move forward and make sure they’re getting their workplace vaccinated.”

There is no law that matters with the Biden regime.  Just do as your told. 

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