Biden Spox Repeatedly Dodges Questions About Durham Filing Revealing Hillary Clinton Paid Tech Team to Spy on Trump’s Internet Traffic (VIDEO)


White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Monday repeatedly dodged questions about Durham’s bombshell revelations.

new filing from Special Counsel John Durham reveals Perkins Coie allies connected to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign spied on Trump’s internet traffic – WHILE HE WAS PRESIDENT.

The Durham investigators also uncovered evidence that shows Hillary Clinton’s team paid operatives to “infiltrate” the Trump Tower and then President Trump’s White House servers to link Trump to Russia.

The fake news media has been silent about the new Durham filing.

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Karine Jean-Pierre repeatedly told a White House reporter that should couldn’t speak to Durham’s new filing that showed Hillary Clinton’s campaign paid big money to illegally spy on candidate Trump and President Trump.


Karine Jean-Pierre doesn’t even try to answer this question about the bombshell Durham revelations.

— (@townhallcom) February 14, 2022

Biden’s spokeswoman doesn’t want to talk about Crooked Hillary and her spying on Trump because Joe Biden was Vice President when the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation was opened against Trump.

Furthermore, on January 5th, 2017, then-FBI Director James Comey held a secret meeting in the Oval Office before he traveled to Trump Tower New York to brief president-elect Donald Trump on the Hillary-funded junk Russia dossier.

This unusual meeting to discuss the dossier and the FBI’s Russia investigation that took place in January of 2017 in Obama’s White House and included JOE BIDEN, Susan Rice, Sally Yates, Comey and Clapper.

What was then-Vice President Joe Biden’s involvement in SpyGate?

What did Biden know?

What do you think?

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