Biden’s DOJ Declares Him Mentally Incompetent And Unfit For Office

Biden’s DOJ Declares Him Mentally Incompetent And Unfit For Office

Yesterday marked the clearest and most convincing sign yet that Joe Biden will not be the Democratic Party’s nominee for president this year.

That doesn’t mean it won’t happen, no one can predict the future. But it does mean that no one with any power in Washington wants Joe Biden to run for office again.

The day began with a report, prepared by Joe Biden’s own DOJ, that outlines Biden’s mental decline in excruciating detail. The topline conclusion, as you’ve probably seen by now, is that the commander-in-chief is so far gone — so detached from reality — that he can’t even be charged with a crime. He’s not legally responsible for his own conduct at this point.

In interviews with the special counsel, Biden couldn’t remember whether he was vice president in 2009. He couldn’t pinpoint the date of his son Beau’s death, even within a span of several years. Again, this is the conclusion of a special counsel working for Joe Biden’s own Justice Department. The special counsel determined, effectively, that the president of the United States is too mentally incompetent to be held responsible for his own actions.

This is the first time in American history when a president’s own Department of Justice has declared him, essentially, unfit for office.

And yet somehow, that was not the worst of the bad news for Joe Biden yesterday. On about ten minutes’ notice, the White House press office announced a press conference at 7:45 p.m. Especially by Biden’s standards, this is extremely unusual. It’s rare enough for Biden to give a press conference at all, much less an unscheduled one in the evening. On top of that, Biden’s handlers sent him out to the podium without a list of pre-approved journalists to call on, which almost never happens. Grandpa Joe was left to fend entirely for himself.

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Naturally, the press conference went pretty much exactly as you’d expect it would, or maybe somehow even worse. In fact, I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say that Biden delivered the single most catastrophic press conference I can remember in my lifetime. At no point did he allay any concerns about his competence or fitness for office. In fact, he did the opposite.

He made it abundantly clear that he needs to be removed from office, immediately. And all of this is even more confounding when you consider that, again, given the time of day, the impromptu nature, the topic that Biden was out there to discuss, and the fact that questions weren’t picked ahead of time, it was pretty much guaranteed to be a disaster. And it’s a disaster that the White House walked right into, seemingly on purpose.

Here’s how it began. Watch:

.@POTUS: “There’s even reference that I don’t remember when my son died.”

“How in the hell dare he raise that?”

“Frankly, when I was asked the question, I thought to myself, it wasn’t any of their damned business.”

— Andrew Bates (@AndrewJBates46) February 9, 2024

So Joe Biden doesn’t deny that he couldn’t remember when his son died. Nor does he explain how this topic came up, exactly. Of course, if you’ve listened to Biden talk at any point in the past few years, you can assume he brought it up, unprompted, to garner sympathy with the special counsel, because that’s his usual strategy. But Biden doesn’t address any of this. Instead, he just lashes out angrily at the prosecutor. Then he mentions a rosary but he can’t remember where it’s from.

It’s not exactly a convincing performance — unless the point is to convince us that Biden is a vegetable. But it gets worse. Here’s the first question Biden took, from Fox News’s Peter Doocy:

BIDEN: “I’m well-meaning and I’m an elderly man and I know what the hell I’m doing! I’m President and I put this country back on its feet!”

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) February 9, 2024

“My memory is so bad I let you speak.” That’s the president of the United States, everyone. He’s just a well-meaning, elderly man who knows what the hell he’s doing. And if you ask him about the fact he can’t remember when his son died, or when he was vice president, he’ll imply that you should be prevented from speaking. 

No one in the room was laughing at this, including journalists from Left-wing outlets. They apparently received the all-clear to ask Biden some hard questions last night, because corporate media doesn’t want him to run again either. 

So a CNN reporter named MJ Lee pressed him with a simple and straightforward question about his mental capacity. And instead of calmly answering the question, Joe Biden snapped at her. Watch:

Q: “For months when you were asked about your memory, you responded with the words, ‘Watch me.’ The American people have been watching and they have expressed concerns about your age and your mental acuity.”

BIDEN: *Screams* “That’s your judgment.”

— ALX ???????? (@alx) February 9, 2024

The CNN reporter wants to know if Biden is mentally stable. Biden barks at her. Then the CNN reporter suggests that maybe he isn’t the best person to be running for office, and he doesn’t have a convincing answer to that question, either. We are witnessing the end of Biden’s legitimacy, to the extent that he ever had any to begin with. Even his once-reliable allies in the corporate press have turned on him. And you can see why.

At one point, in this emergency press conference that was supposedly intended to reassure Americans that the president is mentally competent, Biden refers to the president of Egypt as the president of Mexico:

HARD TO WATCH: While defending his mental acuity and memory loss, Biden mistakenly refers to Egyptian President El-Sisi as the President of Mexico

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) February 9, 2024

Whoever arranged this press conference is either criminally incompetent, or they were trying to sabotage Biden’s candidacy. Those are the only two options. This was entirely predictable. Biden essentially confirmed everything the special counsel said, he even called himself an elderly man in the press conference. Which, of course, isn’t news. We know he’s elderly. But these are not the kinds of things you should be saying in this situation.

As I mentioned earlier, the special counsel investigating Biden’s handling of classified documents found:

In his interview with our office, Mr. Biden … did not remember when he was vice president, forgetting on the first day of the interview when his term ended … and forgetting on the second day of the interview when his term began. … He did not remember, even within several years, when his son Beau died. And his memory appeared hazy when describing the Afghanistan debate that was once so important to him. Among other things, he mistakenly said he ‘had a real difference’ of opinion with General Karl Eikenberry, when, in fact, Eikenberry was an ally whom Mr. Biden cited approvingly in his Thanksgiving memo to President Obama.

The memo continues:

We have also considered that, at trial, Mr. Biden would likely present himself to a jury, as he did during our interview of him, as a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory. Based on our direct interactions with and observations of him, he is someone for whom many jurors will want to identify reasonable doubt. It would be difficult to convince a jury that they should convict him by then a former president well into his eighties of a serious felony that requires a mental state of willfulness.

Before I go any further, it needs to be mentioned that this reasoning is completely absurd. The only relevant information, for the purposes of bringing a criminal prosecution, is Biden’s mental state when he committed the alleged crimes. And according to the special counsel, as far back as more than a decade ago, Joe Biden willfully retained and disclosed classified documents with classification markings on them. That includes classified documents from his time in the Senate several decades ago. The documents were in his “garage, offices, and basement den,” in both Virginia and Delaware. Again, Biden retained these documents many years ago. There’s no suggestion that he had amnesia back then. So if that’s a crime, he should be prosecuted for it. If he’s not mentally competent to stand trial, that’s a defense his lawyers can raise after charges have been brought. It’s not the special counsel’s job to lay off on the charges because he’s elderly now. That’s especially true given that the DOJ is going after Donald Trump for allegedly storing classified documents, even though Donald Trump (as president) had the authority to declassify whatever he wanted. Not to mention, if being elderly is a defense, Trump is elderly too.

But at this point, no one is surprised by the fact that the DOJ is prosecuting Trump for a crime, while giving Biden a pass for committing the exact same crime. That was always a given. What is surprising, again, is why Joe Biden’s handlers let him take questions last night in these circumstances. It’s almost like they were setting him up for this disaster.


That’s especially true given the contrast between Biden’s remarks and the interview last night between Tucker Carlson and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Putin spoke with Tucker Carlson for two hours, uninterrupted. In response to a question about why Russia invaded Ukraine, Putin recounted the history of his country in exacting detail, going back centuries. It was dry but it was also informative. He was clearly lucid and clear-thinking. He was more than capable of sitting for a lengthy, adversarial interview with a journalist from a foreign country. That’s remarkable given that, for the past year, the media has told us that Putin was sick, frail, senile, and in hiding. That’s obviously not the case.

It is the case with our president, though. We’re told that Biden isn’t competent enough to be prosecuted, but is competent enough to have the most important job in the world for another five years. He’s immune from committing crimes due to his lack of mental capacity, but he can have the nuclear codes, apparently. It’s laughable, and everyone knows it. They know that Biden has lost his mind. Now even the DOJ has confirmed it — it is a full-blown constitutional crisis if he stays in office.

Of course, the double-edged sword is that it’s much better politically for Trump if he runs against Biden. Swapping Biden out for someone younger, who can speak in coherent sentences, would make things much more challenging for Trump. But politics are really a secondary concern at this point.

The truth is that we simply cannot have a president who is not only senile, but is known to the world, and to our adversaries, to be senile. He needs to resign. And if he won’t resign, he needs to be removed from office.

He can be a well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory who lives out the remainder of his days off in obscurity somewhere, far away from the levers of power. The rest of us — people who intend to live in this country long after Biden is gone — simply cannot tolerate having him in the White House any longer.


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