Biden’s Economy Getting Worse – Ships Waiting to Unload in California Ports Now Waiting Record Number of Days to Unload


Joe Biden said he would address the supply chain debacle but no one listened.

Biden claimed he set up products to be on shelves on Christmas and Thanksgiving.

In Oval Office Address, Biden Claims to Have Saved Christmas and Thanksgiving by Solving Supply Chain Crisis “Months Ago”(Video)

But when Biden said he was keeping to ports open, no one listened.

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Biden Announced Ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach Would Remain Open 24/7 to Relieve Bottleneck of Container Ships Waiting to Unload – But No One Listened

Not only this but related to it, the US trade deficit is not at an all-time high.

Another Biden Record – US Trade Deficit in September Reaches an All-Time High of $80 Billion

And now it’s being reported that the container ships off the California coast are waiting at record times with more than 80 ships sitting off the coast waiting to get unloaded.

The logjam at California‘s ports for ships to wait is now as long as 17 days – a new record amid the continuing  supply chain crisis just weeks before Black Friday and the holidays usually turn spending into overdrive..

There were as many as 83 ships at anchor and in a holding pattern outside ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach as of Friday night, officials said.

The nearly 17-day wait is double the wait time from just two months ago.

Biden just keeps setting records.  The wrong ones.

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