Biden’s Surgeon General Brushes Off First Responders Leaving Workforce Due to Vaccine Mandates (VIDEO)


Joe Biden’s Surgeon General on Sunday brushed off first responder job losses due to illegal vaccine mandates imposed by Joe Biden and Democrat lawmakers.

Fox News host Chris Wallace asked Vivek Murthy what he thought about police officers and other first responders walking off the job to protest Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate.

Murthy shrugged it off like it was no big deal.

In fact, Murthy said the quiet part out loud and bragged that the vast majority of workers are “in line with and in compliance with” the vaccine mandates.

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Threatening to fire people unless they take an experimental vaccine is coercive and abusive.

Murthy doesn’t care.


Biden’s Surgeon General Vivek Murthy doesn’t really see an issue with first responders LEAVING the workforce due to tyrannical COVID-19 vaccine mandates. It’s no big deal!

— Suburban Black Man ?? (@goodblackdude) November 14, 2021

A shortage of first responder is costing lives.

Last week a 13-year-old boy in Seattle helplessly watched his 45-year-old father die because of a delayed emergency response due to staffing shortages from vaccine mandates.

The teen boy called 911 TWICE begging for help last week as his father struggled to breathe.

This is the “new normal” under Joe Biden and the criminals in the Democrat party.

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