Blake Masters: “Joe Biden Violates the Constitution EVERY SINGLE DAY – a Culture of Lawlessness – Look at How They’re Going After President Trump!” (VIDEO)


Blake Masters joined Tucker Carlson on Monday night to discuss the historic crime wave and record numbers of homicides in America today.

Masters told Tucker put blame where it is due — at the feet of Joe Biden.

Blake Masters:  “It’s not just low-level crime. You got to look at who’s in charge. You got to look at the people at the top. Look at Joe Biden. Biden violates the Constitution like every single day!  And that’s the highest law of our land.  And so this culture of lawlessness is propped up by powerful Democrats and by bad people.  Bad people like George Soros.  Right?  George Soros funds all of these leftwing DAs and you get these DAs in office and they don’t want to arrest anybody.  Because that would be racist.  Tucker we’ve got criminals thriving at the bottom of our system because we got criminals running it at the top.

Tucker Carlson:  That’s such a good point.  If the President of the United States violates law every single day, importing people illegally from other countries into ours.  Without consent of the governed.   Then why should you even pause before stealing Louis Vuitton?

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Blake Masters:  Well, exactly.  And the thing to really look out for here is the weaponization of our Justice System.  They’ve just completely weaponized it.  If you were a BLM activist in Minneapolis, Minnesota in June of 2020 you could burn down a police precinct and nothing would happen to you.  But if you were in the capital on January 6th and you stepped over the line you’re hunted down and treated as a terrorist.  Or look at how they’re going after President Trump!  And now his family, these leftwing attorneys they want to prosecute the Trumps.  Not because they did anything wrong.  They DIDN’T!  But because he led the MAGA movement and that terrifies them.  So this political retribution has got to stop!  We cannot let these leftwing psychopaths get away with this!

Excellent points! And too few politicians will make them!

When was the last time you heard a US Senate candidate stand up for President Trump and his family?

Via Tucker Carlson Tonight.

What do you think?

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