BREAKING: GiveSendGo Fundraiser for Trucker Convoy Freezes by Court Order


This is developing…

The Ontario government reportedly successfully petition a court to shut down the GiveSendGo freedom convoy fundraiser.

Global News reported:

The Ontario government says it has successfully petitioned a court to freeze access to millions of dollars donated through online fundraising platform GiveSendGo to the truckers convoyprotesting COVID-19 restrictions in Ottawa and at several border crossings.

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A spokeswoman for Premier Doug Ford says Ontario’s attorney general brought the application to the Superior Court of Justice seeking an order that would prohibit anyone from distributing donations made through the website’s “Freedom Convoy 2022” and “Adopt-a-Trucker” campaign pages.

Spokeswoman Ivana Yelich says an order binding “any and all parties with possession or control over these donations” was issued today.

This is a developing story, we will update as we learn more.

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