BREAKING: The FED Announces Closed Meeting to be Held Tomorrow (Monday) Morning Under Expedited Procedures


The FED announced over the weekend that it has scheduled a closed meeting for tomorrow morning. Just like we said.

The FED has scheduled a meeting for tomorrow morning at 11:30 am.

On Friday morning we reported that the Fed was going to increase rates on either Friday or Monday.  The rates stayed the same on Friday so tomorrow’s meeting might be scheduled so the Fed can increase rates.  Inflation is out of control and the Fed now feels it has to do something.

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If the Fed does increase rates, this will be only the second time they did so this century under a Democrat President.  The only other time the Fed increased rates under a Democrat since 2000 was in 2016 after keeping rates at 0% under the first 7 years of Obama’s terms in office.  The Fed increased rates massively under both President Bush and President Trump.  But of course, the Fed is non-biased.

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The Biden economy.

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