Breitbart News Daily Podcast Ep. 69: Eileen Gu: Worst Person in the World; Guests: Duck Commander on Cancel Culture, Rep. Kevin Brady on Bidenflation


Our host Alex Marlow is back with Breitbart Entertainment Editor Jerome Hudson in studio for the opening of today’s show. We believe we have identified the worst person in the world (and we’re barely exaggerating). Her name is Eileen Gu. She is an American who grew up in California, cut her teeth skiing in the United States, is headed to Stanford University, but just won Olympic gold for the Chinese Communist Party. Gu is “sportswashing” genocide and is the glamorous face of the dictatorial communist regime in Beijing. This is evidence of why globalism is so bad for America, and our establishment media is a major part of it. Joe Rogan is still convinced he should apologize to the woke mob, confirming yet again he’s not the free speech warrior we all want him to be. Plus, many states are dropping their mask mandates, but some far-left cities are keeping them, especially for children. We are making progress overall though because not only are we returning to science (the masks never worked), but we are also exposing the left’s political vulnerability. Of course, we give you an update on the Canada trucker convoy, and we get into a harrowing story of an elderly man beaten by police for honking his car horn, which apparently is illegal in the Great White North. Yikes! Our first guest today is Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX), the top House Republican on tax and finance, who talks about the Democrats’ proposed China legislation and how Bidenflation is hurting poor and minority communities most. Then, Duck Commander Phil Robertson returns to the podcast to discuss Uncanceled, his new book on cancel culture, and how a return to faith, if done thoughtfully, could be the answer to what ails us.

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